Anycubic USB Driver

Anycubic USB Driver – A USB driver is a small piece of software that allows your computer to communicate with your USB devices. Without a driver, your computer would not be able to use your USB devices.

Most USB drivers are already included in your operating system. However, if you are using a older or custom made USB device, you may need to install a driver. Drivers are usually available from the manufacturer’s website.

If you are having trouble with a USB device, the first thing you should do is check for updated drivers. Often, simply updating your drivers will fix any issues you are having.

Anycubic USB Driver

My mega i3 won’t connect to my via usb! I already installed the driver on anycubic website… I need help. I just want to update the firmware.

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Your printer should show up as “/usbmodem port” or something similar. … If these are not present, refer to the points about USB drivers …

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Hi all, my instruction booklet says that USB use is for advanced users only and there are no instructions. I will use OctiPi when I get my Raspberry next …

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Firstly, power on the machine and connect it to PC via USB cable. CP2102. “Driver_CP2102”. There are two versions, Windows and Mac version. For Windows …

Anycubic I3 Mega Anycubic

i3 Mega

The Anycubic i3 Mega is a solid, metal-framed 3D printer that comes mostly assembled. Assembly is easy and takes only a few minutes.

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This serial of videos show how to setup the ANYCUBIC Kossel 3D printer.Any technical …

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eskeyaar commented on Apr 9, 2020. Did you download the latest drivers for that machine? …


Firstly, power on the machine and connect it to PC via USB cable. ANYCUBIC i3 MEGA 3D printer uses TriGorilla mainboard which has CP2102 chip for communication.

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Sometimes the drivers install automatic when connecting the USB cable. … 2018/ 06/ ANYCUBIC-Kossel-Manual-20170105.pdf (Kossel manual PDF, AnyCubic).

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